Speech Analytics

Solve your customer contact efficiency, regulatory and business development challenges.

We help customers DiscoverExtract  and Reveal important information about their customers, their markets and their own business operations. Our customers are more informed and more productive as a result of mining data from their recorded audio.

Audio files are processed with a phonetic engine to convert 100% of audio into structured output that is quick and easy to access. The intuitive user interface enables calls of interest to be easily identified, organized and analyzed. Behind the scenes, big data technology delivers the information in near real time.

The advanced search capability includes:

  • Multiple search criteria
  • Discreet call event detail
  • Ability to replay either an entire call or only the relevant call segments

The flexible reporting module includes:

  • User defined reports
  • A range of chart types
  • Visual correlation views
  • Full drill down capability to the actual call
  • Dashboard Customization