Screen Recording

Gain the visibility you need to optimize your agent performance.

By electing to add the CXM Screen Recording functionality, your agents desktop activity is recorded as a full motion video and then automatically synchronized with the recorded phone call upon playback. Using industry best compression algorithm, CXM can be successfully implemented in high volume call centers . CXM makes Recording the screens on every phone call whether your agent is at home, on a thin client machine or a standard windows PC possible.

CXM offers the amazing ability to not only record screen activity but also live monitor the activity. Supervisors can now view agent desktop activity real time from their own desktop dashboard. Supervisors can quickly and easily review who is on a call or not, what they are doing or not doing and even take control of the agents desktop if needed.

Furthermore, CXM offers a dynamic and intuitive method of automatically removing sensitive data from the screen for PCI and HIPAA Compliance purposes.

Benefits of CXM Screen Recording

Time is money and with CXM Screen Capture you can discover the WHY to many of your contact center's issues and leverage the knowledge gained from CXM Screen Capture to:

  • Identify workflow issues to reduce Average Handling Time
  • Provide 'Real World' examples for training of agents
  • Insure daily policy and procedure adherence
  • Monitor back office employees
  • Gain greater visibility into agent activity