Call Recording

Get out of the dark and the "He Said, She Said" Conversations.

CXM supports Call Center Recording of traditional TDM formats as well as VoIP for compliance and quality assurance. Call Center Recording configurations include station side call recording, DMCC call recording, trunk side call recording, select observe call recording, and packet sniffing via span port and VOX. Recorded calls are indexed with pertinent PBX call detail information (agent ID, extension, date, time, etc). CXM supports compliance recording and quality monitoring.

Selected calls can be recorded by engaging a button on the user’s phone or with the optional CXM record on demand (ROD) application on their PC. CXM also supports the recording of dispatch radio units typically found with emergency responders. The recorded call is compressed and stored in a WAV format. Call encryption is available as an option. The recorded call is stored on the CXM server or on a network server for later retrieval. CXM supports recording calls from cradle to grave and the entire customer experience is stored in a single WAV file.

Users access to the CXM application is via a standard web browser. Although CXM will operate within a variety of web browsers, it is optimized for Windows Internet Explorer. Access and rights are restricted by username and password.

Searching recordings is easily done from the CXM Web browser interface. Users simply login to their CXM server and select either Quick Search or Advanced Search to input the search criteria. Search criteria options include date, time, extension, agent ID, caller ID, DNIC, duration, direction and optional business rules data.

CXM can be customized to meet your specific recording needs. With our flexible and scalable concurrent licensing model, we will ensure your system records what you want, and when you want it.

100% Call Recording
If you are looking for call recording for 100 percent of your phone traffic, CXM is a reliable solution for your call logging needs.

Random / Sampling
Need only a sample of your calls recorded? With CXM you can purchase as few as 1 license and allow it to "float" to extensions based on defined business rules and parameters.

Record on Demand
CXM offers organizations the ability to trigger Ad-hoc recordings for those instances you absolutely need your call recorded. This is a dynamic offering included with every deployment that can be extended beyond the contact center to the desk of the CEO.