3 Compliance Issues to Consider with Call & Screen Recording

3 Compliance Concerns for Call and Screen Recording

Although it seems fitting to record every call in its entirety in a contact center for quality control, sometimes it’s better to leave out sensitive pieces of information. To start with, if you are storing sensitive information that could possibly breech compliance authorities like HIPAA, you want to ensure your data doesn’t get hacked leaving patient data exposed and vulnerable. Here are three things to consider with data capturing:

  • Data that isn’t stored can’t be stolen: When taking information like a credit card number over the phone it’s better to prevent the recording of that portion of the call.

  • Consider the security of your contact center software: Being able to restrict access and utilize disk and network encryption assists in adding an additional layer of security required for PCI compliance.

  • Conduct user security audits: Utilize software to perform audits on your users to ensure they adhere to policies and procedures regularly as defined by PCI DSS Regulations.

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