CXM Recording and Quality Monitoring Recently Attended ACCA Fall Symposium


The Austin Contact Center Alliance recently hosted their Fall Symposium showcasing vendors from all over who work with contact center solutions. The all day event included various speakers from organizations like The Austin Chamber of Commerce, Growth Dynamic, LegalZoom and various others. The symposium topics were centered around contact center best practices, leadership strategies and building better teams. They also provided case studies, problem solving strategies and how to manage change in your organization. During each break the attendees spent time networking and visiting each exhibitors booth. CXM Recording and Quality Monitoring showcased as an exhibitor to provide information about contact center solutions. 

CXM provides solutions for call and screen recording, agent coaching, performance evaluation, workforce management and many more. We've been doing this for over 20 years headquarted in Houston, TX. Our aim is to provide a better customer experience through easy to use software for end users and supervisors. The CXM solution provides leading edge workforce optimization solutions for contact centers and enterprise corporate clients. CXM was developed based on a client request for a solution that was easier to use and less expensive than what was available on the market. Learn more about the CXM solution by downloading a brochure here.