Video: An Introduction to Community Workforce Management Software

Community's browser-based application delivers enterprise workforce management features and one-of-a-kind ease of use. CXM is an authorized reseller of Community.

Community is elegantly packaged for easy use by all your contact center personnel, from agents and supervisors to schedulers and managers. Community is coupled with a culturally sensitive and consultative approach that brings our expertise to bear on your unique challenges. WFMSG’s proven Steps-to-Success methodology will properly assess your needs, automate countless processes and capture the efficiencies associated with uniquely powerful tools including forecasting, schedule optimization, streamlined intraday management and real time agent adherence and alerts.

Schedulers, supervisors and agents will be acting collaboratively to execute your unique workforce management strategy and become an agile workforce that readily responds to the dynamics of your customers and their behavior. Reach out to us today to learn more!