Using Data to Enable Your Employees to Perform Better

Using Data to Enable Your Employees to Perform Better.JPG

Quality control is key for contact centers to be able to provide a great customer experience. Maintaining quality can be a cumbersome task without the right processes and tools in place. The key is to automate those processes to give agents real-time feedback. Software assists in automation allowing organizations to operate more efficiently.

One of the fundamental ways to develop better agents begins with data. Without data there isn’t a way to measure results for improvement. Performance evaluation is more effective when there is proper scoring in place. Having a software system with flexibility makes this easier. You can watch our webinar on Quality Monitoring here to learn more about how CXM helps companies with agent coaching, training and performance evaluations.

Once you have automation tools in place, then ask yourself:

  • How can we free up quality teams to bring more value for our company?
  • How quickly are we returning feedback to agents?
  • Can your agents score themselves?
  • How are we pushing training materials to help fill gaps after giving a performance evaluation?
  • What kind of reports are we able to pull?

Quality monitoring doesn’t have to be a headache if you automate as much as you can to give your supervisors time to work with your teams and maintain service level. Your organization can improve employee engagement while also lowering attrition. If you are looking for more about performance evaluation check out our webinar on Best Practices in Quality Monitoring.