Four Contact Center Changes Here to Stay

Four Contact Center Changes Here to Stay

Creating a good customer experience can sometimes be challenging. Customers are now communicating differently than they did five years ago. A huge contributor of the change in customer interaction is the use of smartphones. With push of a button, a customer can ask a question, find a phone number, website or access social media. Customers are looking for immediate resolution when they reach out to a contact center.

Here are four changes for contact centers that are here to stay:

Social Media:

Allows customers to be connected with organizations and share information with others. If you have social media channels it’s extremely important to ensure you are communicating with customers.


Technology allows seamless reporting and combines all channels for support and communication. Customers don’t want to repeat themselves over and over. Omni-channel tracks all of their communication in one place. It also helps prevent internal reporting errors.

Virtual Agents:

Today’s technology gives virtual agents the tools for effective customer service. It used to be much scarier for business owners to have remote workers. Just a few years ago, contact centers were more centralized with all employees in house. Fast forward today and virtual agents with live monitoring software and screen recording allows supervisor can manage employees without being in the same building or worrying about whether or not the agent is working properly.

Self-service portals:

Empower customers to quickly resolve something on their own. Sometimes it’s unnecessary for a customer to have a live conversation when they have a quick question. Creating an FAQ list allows clients to do a quick search before contacting a live person.

As technology advances, we will see additional trends develop. CXM provides tools that supports contact center solutions while maintaining end user adoption. Your contact center doesn’t need to be left behind the times. Reach out to us today to schedule a demo.