6 Things About Agent Training Every Contact Center Needs to Know

6 Things About Agent Training Every Contact Center Needs to Know.JPG

Agent training is imperative to running an effective contact center. Service Level can't be met properly without training your employees effectively. Training starts with several components from selecting the right agent with the right set of skills to providing ongoing coaching and feedback. Here are six things about agent training your organization should know:

  • Hiring talent - Contact centers are full of bustling calls and providing sales or customer service. Your hiring process should begin by isolating the attributes you are looking for out of a great employee. For some it may include a technical background for troubleshooting while others it may include being able to handle irate customers when a call is coming in about a problem. Beginning with the right people is the first step.
  • Have an effective new hire on-boarding process - The first 90 days someone is employed is the most expensive to a company. If your on-boarding process is too overwhelming or ineffective that's just not going to work in the long run and increases attrition. Think of your agents as your biggest investment and develop a process that allows them to retain the information they need to be effective in the long run.
  • Give them the proper tools - Another reason employees are not unsuccessful at their job is because they do not have the proper equipment. If the computer is running slow or their is static on their phones that does not equip them to handle high call volume. From contact center software to the seats they sit in, ensuring they have what they need makes their job easier and more effective.
  • Give ongoing feedback - Quality monitoring starts with performance evaluations. If you wait a month later to give an agent feedback you are in store for a disaster. Feedback that is completed in real-time gives the agent the opportunity to immediately correct their actions. Also, by giving them positive feedback quickly it reinforces what they are doing.
  • Push training modules that are applicable to their needs - Once feedback has been delivered, follow up with necessary training. You can use tools specifically designed to push modules to them along with their performance evaluations. That allows them to review the information they need to quickly make adjustments.

In conclusion, create a smooth process from the day an agent is hired, provide effective training and allow ongoing performance evaluations sets your agents up to be successful. When an agent is provided the right tools it decreases attrition and maintains service levels. Remember, happy employees who are given proper attention are more productive employees. You can check out more about agent training by reviewing Five Tips for Coaching Your Agents to Success!