Avaya Call Recording

CXM has many Avaya-certified solutions available, bringing the benefits of call recording, quality monitoring and customer surveys to users of Avaya VoIP and TDM telephony solutions.


The CXM Recording and Quality Monitoring Suite blends TDM and VoIP call recording with screen capture and quality monitoring, providing a centralized solution that is easy to use and administer. Customers benefit by implementing solutions that are scalable enough to meet a wide range of uses, resolving the needs of today and adapting to meet the needs of the future.

The CXM DMCC integration (also known as CMAPI call recording) uses an Avaya certified software-only active VoIP-based solution that is suitable for recording VoIP and TDM (Digital and Analog) phones. By combining media redirection from Avaya Communication Manager with single-step conferencing, call recording can be achieved without the use of physical connections to the CXM server other than standard network connections.

By using DMCC for call recording, CXM can record VoIP phones and Digital Avaya phones without the overhead of expensive hardware and wiring.

About CXM Call Recording

The CXM recording solution offers a wide range of configurations to accommodate the automatic recording of VoIP devices, digital phones, analog phones, and radios for a variety of industry leading platforms. CXM supports full time recording and/or sampling recording all within the same application.

CXM software is designed to evolve with you and your organization. Today you may be on one PBX type tomorrow another; CXM can easily be reconfigured from your old to new telephony system so you don't have to skip a beat or consider the added expense of purchasing a new recording solution.

Furthermore, CXM is multi-site, multi-PBX capable. Our easily and intuitive recording solution can record multiple PBX's centrally from one location for easily administration and archiving.

Blend VoIP and TDM for Avaya Call Recording

CXM's Avaya call recording solutions blend Passive Tap, VoIP and DMCC call recording on Avaya phone systems with screen capture, quality monitoring, speech analytics, and post-call customer satisfaction surveys, providing a single-site or multi-site solution that is easy to use and administer. CXM customers benefit by implementing Avaya call recording solutions that are scalable enough to meet a wide range of uses, resolving the needs of today and adapting to meet the needs of the future.

Avaya Developer Connection
The Avaya DeveloperConnection program brings value to its member companies and to Avaya and its direct customers. By providing a platform for stable integrations, Avaya is able to present a wider range of solutions. The DeveloperConnection program includes extensive marketing services and full documentation, making it easier to sell and support third-party applications through certified programs.CXM's Avaya call recording solutions have greatly strengthened through our membership.